FTP Download Nightmare


I have a serious problem.

I am on slow speed trying to transfer a 300 MB file from someone.

I put the file in the transfer queue and there it goes.

If my computer cuts or freeze, no prob, the transfer restart
from where it cut off.

But when the people from where I download cut, as his server
does from time to time, than the file restart from zero OVER
the downloaded file. In fact, that occurs even the file is all downloaded
and I'm not there to stop it from "Renewing".

This got me in a Recycle Bin nightmare trying to find the part-file
(or whole file) that had been downloaded and see if there is any
way to have them completed again. But these have completely
vanished, nowhere to be restored.


Is this the general failure and conditions of FTP that I'm learning ?
Something inevitable about this communication technology ??
Or is there any intelligent engine that is able to restart downloads
whenever they cut off from any side, and actually understand
when a file is finished ??