Updated Smart to 2.51008-can't find files

Today I updated to the latest version. It said the new version would retain my files etc. I am sure it did. But I can not find or see what is already loaded into the program. I can see all my files on my own computer, but I cannot see what I have uploaded. I wish to add more or delete files but can't. I went through the whole tutorial but it was no help. I have clicked on about everything but the files do not appear. I hope I have not fouled it all up.

I know I have had this same problem every time a new version comes out. And I seem to go through the same thing. Eventually I guess I have clicked on something and it all works. But this time nothing is working. I would really like to know what to do after an update so I don't spend hours trying to find those files. I really like the program...once I get it working.

Thanks to all who can help me with this problem.