About latest final version

Sorry for my bad english

https://www.smartftp.com/forums/SmartFTP ... 12630.html

Here seems the latest final versiyon is v2.5 Build 1008.28 - 3. January 2008
v2.5 Build 1008.32 - 16. January 2008 - BETA is still beta

But the download link in download.com mirror is v2.5 Build 1008.26.
http://www.download.com/SmartFTP-Client ... d=10028635
After download this file, the file seems v2.5 Build 1008.27 ?

Latest 32-bit version in forum is https://www.smartftp.com/download. This "NSI" file is v2.5 Build 1008.33
Here is a "MSI"file, https://www.smartftp.com/Products/Client/x86/SFTPMSI.exe. This is also v2.5 Build 1008.33

Is "NSI" latest beta? Is "MSI" latest final? What is the latest final version? v2.5 Build 1008.26 ?, v2.5 Build 1008.27 ?, v2.5 Build 1008.28 ?, v2.5 Build 1008.33 ? And where is it?