Reloading SmartFTP from disk with problems

I have had SmartFTP since July 2007 and used it heavy for about three months, then about January changed computers. I haven't had a need for FTP so never loaded it.

Now when I load it (from CD) it loads, installs and opens immediately on launch to a dialog window titled SmartFTP Expiration which has two options ... Buy Now or download update.

Neither selection will accomplish anything for me; the dialog window disappears and that is the end of it. Nothing is running in Task Manager and nothing happens no matter how long I wait.

Whenever I try to launch it again, the same thing happens.

I have removed the install via the control panel. I have removed the key entry from the registery.

I have downloaded the program again (even though I have a paid for CD) and I get a file with an .efw extension. I checked this forum regarding the .efw extension and noted to change it to .zip ... that doesn't work either, tells me it is an invalid or corrupted zip file.

What should I do? Can't re-install from CD, can't download a readable file to install from the updated version.

Help from anyone who knows what this is about.