I don't get the Power of the Smart FTP Que

Hello. When I directly drag a file(s) to the remote site, the files transfer. However, when I use the Temporary Que, I get an error in the Transfer Que that says "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it". You may ask why don't I just use the direct drop method if that works. Well that works to an extent, but I have two problems:

1. If I drag and drop say 30 items, there is no que to see what is coming up next. I've had several times where I leave the room thinking that Smartftp was going to upload my 30 items. Later I come back and it appears there are no more transfers, but the ftp program skipped some of the files that I was uploading.

2. Without a que, it's hard to know how long I have for my uploads to finish.

As great as SmartFTP is, I would think they would have a configurable que that allows you to simply drag and drop files from the local side and then it tracks all the files and let's you know how many, if any failed and lets you know if all completed successfully.

I also do not understand why you need a Temporary Que and a Transfer Que. The local host essentially is the Tempoary Que and when you drop the items that esentially becomes the Transfer Que. At least it seems like Smart FTP could be configurable to be like this...