How to change "Copy URL ..."

I created a wrong URL when first time "right click -> Copy URL ...". Where to change that setting?

Favorite settings then General->URL

Favorite settings then General->URL
Thanks #1.

But now new problem: after correcting HTTP URL to be "", when I copy (right clicking) and paste the address of "file.any" into browser, the adress is shown "", i.e. it has copied "my" as it is a subfolder which it is not.

Can't find the fix. What now?

I found the fix! I had "/" missing in the beginning of Web Root Path.

When I bring up the url properties, it has the correct paths. When I copy the URL, it adds /home/palcs2/public_html/ , which I do not want. How do I make it stop doing that?

It's because it does NOT have the correct FTP path. Enter /home/palcs2/public_html/ as part of the FTP Path and try again.