slow upload speed

I wonder why my SmartFTP v2.5.1008 cannot achieve upload speeds higher than 16 or 17kb/s when Filezilla achieves around 45kb/s at the same time with the same file. Connection speed is around 3.4Mb/s on a poor adsl2+. Although there are many features of SmartFTP that I like, uploading video files is a pain.
thanks for any advice, or info c

SmartFTP uploads as fast as your line allows it. If this is not the case the problem is probably somewhere else.

Thanks for your work on SmartFTP. It's a wonderful app.

I have the exact same problem. With FileZilla I get 105KB/s upload speed (my real line upload speed). With SmartFTP I get only 35KB/s.

Why do you say the problem is probably elsewhere? With all other internet applications (FTP, P2P) I am able to achieve my real line upload speed. Only with SmartFTP I have slow upload speeds. I run Windows Vista with latest build of SmartFTP installed.

I appreciate any help you can give.


Thanks! I increased the buffer sizes and I have full upload speed now.

Even though my connection is nowhere near 100mbit/s I still used the settings as described in the KB.

My upload speed is now fine but would this cause an other problems? The speed calculation seems to be accurate.

Thanking you.