multiple stream download


is SmartFTP capable to do multiple stream download as the software "free download manager" does?
Its annoying to type all the time ftp:/, so i would like to use an ftp-clientsoftware.

If the server supports broken downloads and multiple logins from 1 IP-Adress then the client just starts multiple streams.
The first stream begins at 0%
The second stream begins downloading at 50%
3rd at 25%
4rth at 75%
and so on.
In the result the file is downloadet at significantly larger speed compared to single stream download.

Hello ..

This is not possible right now. It's planned for a future version of SmartFTP. However there not many situations where this "trick" actually works. Most servers today have per ip limits and not per connection limits.


Thanks for this quick reply and sad to hear.
Seems i will have to continue suffering the GUI of "free download manager".

Happy New Year btw.


sorry to pick up this old thread from 01/2008 - is the function described above still planned for future versions, or is it already implemented?


Thank you, i will give it a try.