Upload problem

I have the same problem ... I use SamrtFTP 64 bit on Windows XP 64 SP2.
But I found out that client SmartFTP is affected by the other installations you mke on your machine.
I made a clean install of my laptop (Windows XP 64 SP2) ... I instaled SmatFTP 64 and everything worked just fine ...
I was able to upload my virtual machine of 20 GB on the FTP server (as backup) for several days ... then I installed
Digital Locker Assistant from Microsoft and from that moment on the SmartFTP fails to upload my virtual machine (basically a file of 20GB)
I suppose that something changed in the network part of the libraries and that thing bothers SmartFTP ... I use SecureFX also and it works
perfect. (I use it because my 64 bit application do not works anymore) SecureFX is a 32 bit application.

Hope this hepls ... wait for solutions

Hello ..

1. Log is missing
2. System information are missing