Uploading files with new directory names


I have been using SmartFTP for a couple of years now, and when I was asked to upgrade last week to 2.5, I had no problem with that. However, since then I have been unable to upload files and create directory names. It used to be, when I needed to upload a series of files, I could just 'drag and drop' the entire directory from the local browser to the remote browser, and all the directory names would be created and the individual files transferred. Now, when I try and do the exact same thing, I get an error that reads 'Transfer failed. Use the Transfer Queue for automatic retries.'

When I try and put things into the Transfer Queue, nothing happens.

Did I get a bad upgrade or is there something entirely different about 2.5? The interfaces and passwords are just the same - I only connect to a single remote server and have only used the single connection ever while using this program.

I love the program in general - it is very clear and specific in useage and easy for me, a non-computer trained person, to use effectively. At least, it was.