Resume Problem

Hi Mat,

I have used Smart FTP for some years (without undue problems) and am currently using version 2.5.1008.21 (Time Stamp: 2007-12-05 00:19:47 Platform: x86). However I am presently having problems with queue resume which seem similar to those encountered by “geohei”.

I am retired, a bit elderly, and delighted to enjoy the benefit of things like FTP clients as a basic user without comprehending the underlying magic. This is a bit of a problem when the magic does not readily happen. Please excuse my non-technical explanation.

Uploads I was attempting were being overwritten from scratch at any interruption. However I found that I could get the queue transfers to resume by changing the default action from “overwrite” to “resume” under Favorites Settings -> File Exist -> Queue Rules.

This setting was tested with interruptions (abort and restart of SmartFTP) at the client end and interruption at the server end (the server is operated on my sons computer).

Everything resumed fine until my ISP changed my IP address during an upload. This caused the transfer queue to reconnect (as it should) but resulted in the error “550 can't access file”. The transfer queue then went into the “retry” cycle.

Even while these “retrys” continued without success I was able to effect a new connection to the FTP server.

My son tells me that his server information still showed a connection from the superceded IP address and that his server thought that connection was trying to upload the file (though, with 0kb/s). This could explain why the partially completed file on the server could not be accessed by a connection from my client with the new IP address (ie file in use).

My son “kicked” that old connection which used the superceded IP address and then a “resume” from my client was successful.

I realize that you have said that “The change of your WAN ip address does not influence the resume behavior.” and I guess it wouldn’t if the new connection could access the partially completed file. However I cannot find a solution in the forum.

Is there something I need to do to have SmartFTP let the server know in these circumstances that the connection from the superceded IP address should be discontinued.