vista, local browser, can't view in details


I recently got a new computer, and having restored my smartftp using the backup tools, whenever I select "Details" under the local folder view, I see nothing.

the column headings are all messed up graphically; nothing can be made out of it, and nothing shows up in my local folder.

every other view works; extra large/large/medium/small icons, list and tiles... but not details. I really like details because I often find myself sorting my local folder by one of either name/date/type/size

I've tried restarting smartftp, closing and opening a new local folder window, to no avail. also, if I right click on the messed up column heading bar, and de-select everything except name (in essence turning it into "List" view), I get a list of files, yet the top bar is still messed up graphically.

remote folder clearly shows "Details" list.

an interesting thing however, is that when i got my new computer, I installed smartftp to download all my files from my old computer (which I installed a simple ftp server). While I was just dragging and dropping all my stuff onto my new computer, i'm 90% sure I had the "Details" view working.

It's only now, that I restored my settings that I've noticed this problem.

any suggestions?