SmartFTP license terms

I purchased a license on 1 September 2006. Today I installed version 2.5 Build 1008, and then received the message: "Your current license does not allow you to use this SmartFTP version" popped up. Fair enough, I obviously didn't read the license agreement properly when I purchased a license. Can you please give me a link to build 1006, since that seems to be the last version that I am allowed to use without contravening the license terms? Do I understand correctly that I can still use the older build legally since I do not want to renew my maintenance contract at this time?

Hello ..

You are able to use any build that has been released before the maintenance expiration date. However we cannot provide older builds. Other companies typically charge a 10 USD fee for such a service. The cost for a maintenance renewal for our product 17 USD. It means we do offer free upgrades and technical support for another year for almost the same cost as other companies charge to store the old version. You are also free to restore the old version from your backup at no cost of course.


Thanks Mat, fortunately I manage to restore an older version. Maybe I'll renew my maintenance when version 3 is released