SmartFTP moved my DATA folder without warning!

When upgrading from 2.0 tot 2.5 SmartFTP completely moved and renamed my DATA folder!

I have one folder on my disk with all my data called 'DATA'. In this folder the favorites.dat folder was located (in the root). After upgrading SmartFTP replaced the favorites.dat file with a bunch of XML files and moved all other stuff (my personal files) to the folder DATA.old. This causes serious trouble because programs look for files in 'DATA' which are not there any more. I've tried to copy the XML stuff to another folder and move back my files to their original folder (DATA instead of DATA.old) but that doesn't seem to work. It's seems there is an application running in the background which blocks this.

SmartFTP people, can you please explain me what's going on here?

Hello ..

It is correct that SmartFTP renames the favorites folder when upgrading from an old version. The favorites folder always is/was a dedicated folder for SmartFTP and should never manually be changed to "global" data folder. It's the same reason you do not change the temporary files folder on your computer to C:\

To fix your problem follow these steps:
1. Create a backup of the DATA and DATA.old folder
2. In SmartFTP go to menu: Tools->Settings->Favorites and change the Personal Folder to the default location: %AppData%\SmartFTP\Client 2.0\Favorites
3. Rename DATA to
4. Rename DATA.old to DATA

If you want to use a non default application data folder use something like C:\DATA\SmartFTP and for the Favorites use C:\DATA\SmartFTP\Favorites