Resetting a running queue item?

I have one queue item (covering a LOT of files) that I've set to "monitor", so that after it runs, the queue item remains in the list, waiting for the next time I run it.

However, it gets into a state sometimes where it runs (each file being checked and uploaded if necessary) when I don't really want it to run, and this takes a long time. This happens e.g. where I set the queue to "turn off computer" when queue completes... so next time I start up SmartFTP the item automatically starts running again because I don't have a chance to stop the queue.

My question, therefore, is: once a queue item starts running, is there a way to stop it AND clear it so that it goes back to the "monitor" (idle) state? I can stop the queue, but when I press Play again, the job just carries on from where it left off. I can't see a way to "reset" it back to the idle state.

What would also be good would be to have an option "Stop Queue and Turn off Computer" rather than just "Stop Queue" and separately "Turn off Computer" (which you can't select together).