"Picking" Pages to Update?

I finally solved my connection problem, but now I have another question. It seems that now once I've uploaded the files I needed to, the site's only reflected a few pages.

My site is for a college newspaper, found here : www.thegatepost.com

The homepage-the first page you see-, and the section pages ( news, opinions, etc.) all are up to date, but try to click on a story title and 404-File Not Found appears after tricking you into thinking the page is loading.

I'm checking now to see if I accidently uploaded a page or two in the wrong spot, and I've tried refreshing in my browser (IE7). Any other ideas? Or does it work oddly enough for someone else out there and it's just me?

Hello ..

Possible problems:
1. The links on your HTML pages are not correct. Check the <a href="...> tags.
2. You have uploaded the files to the wrong folder
3. Check upper/lower case of your filenames.


Okay, I will try that and see what it does. Hopefully next time I post it will be to say it works!

I think it's safe to say I've resolved the problem. There was something in uppercase in the directory, which seemed to be at the base of the problem. I changed all that and pages are actually loading now.

Thanks for that, mb.