Smart FTP : start/load/execute... (?)

Hi !

I'm private user of Smart FTP (free) with great satisfaction of this software !
However, it's already the second time I inform the support that the program refuses to start (load and execute) !!!

For the first issue, I was invited to follow a link sent to me by mail and install again.
It worked then very fine for +/- 3 months.

Now again the program refuses to load/start and nothing changed in my computer !!!
I have got the version V2.5.1005

Can somebody please help me with this problem because I have to update my small private website and I'm completely blocked with this problem !!

Thanks in advance for your kind help !!


Hi, download SmartFTP 2.5.1008.16 from my signature.

Follow the instructions in the dialog which is displayed when SmartFTP is started:

Download and install SmartFTP from: