Toolbar Variations


Have not a clue if this is a bug or not.

I have 7 different sites set up in Smart, I must have spent at least an hour getting the toolbars and gui how I want it. When you choose another site it's all back to square one Who on earth would want a different appearance/ buttons for every different log on ? So I presume that this is a bug, or is there a way to automatically make all the accounts have the same appearance?

v2.5.1008 xpsp1

You can do this if you open the fist connection, setup the toolbars/docking panels as you want and close the remote browser, on close the remote browser save its state as per favorite and as default value for the next remote browsers you open. The state from the last closed remote browser is allways saved as default for remote browser who are open the first time. But a enhancement would be to add a menu option to save the curretn layout as the default one without closing the remote browser.

Thanks Mike but that didn't work for me, I had to set up every single site seperately. It's done now though.