Transfer Queue Upload


I have just been trying to get me head around this program for the last few hours (don't think it could have been made more complicated if they tried !) as it seems to have potential I stuck with it.

Direct upload & download works perfectly fine.

1) If you direct upload files and there is already the same file on the server you are correctly asked if you would like to overwrite or skip it, if you use transfer queue then that doesnot happen, it just uploads everything regardless, I presume this is a bug ?

2) When I put files into the transfer queue sometimes you have to press the 'start' button other times it automatically starts, it seems to have a mind of its own !

4) Even though it is set up in options to remember it's workstation view it Never does and just starts with an empty space.

5) It can't remeber how I like it set up, if I have a local browser and server window open I like the tabs together so that you have a large view, what ever I do though the next time I open them the program splits them in two across the screen, is there a way to stop that ?

6) what is the temporary queue window for ? You don't need it at all that I can see, just go 'upload/queue/select' choose your files and the program does the rest for you.

7) Is there a way to get rid of an empty 'toolbar' ? On one of them I have removed all the buttons but I am no left with and empty tab that just has a drop down for add/remove buttons !

8) Is there a 'zip' option that I cannot find to zip up your whole website ?

In the time it's taken me to write this I have sorted out alot of my 'problems' and am quite impressed by this program, definatley not user friendly though or for beginners. Very good though :-)

Sorry for all the questions, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards