Upgrade Completed OK, but application will not load/run.

I searched the KBase but found nothing specific to my problem.
Running Windows XP-Pro SP2 with 2GB of RAM and ZoneAlarm Security Suite.
Would consider myself an advanced user of telecommunications programs.

I have used SmartFTP for three years to support a few 501-type web sites and love the product.
This is the first time I have had any serious problems.
Each upgrade has provided on-target improvement!!!

Updated SmartFTP within the last 3-6 weeks.
Used the program a few days ago with no problems.
Today, the application icon seemed to operate normally when clicked,
but the program never loaded after 5 tries.

So I downloaded current 32-bit version with no problems.
Installation did not offer the option to install over the original C:\SmartFTP folder,
but was installed automatically in the garbage pit C:\Program Files.
The new icon and the new install would not run and no errors were provided.
Tried again with not success.
Uninstalled the program.
Warm Booted again.
Downloaded new version again.
This one offered the opportunity to choose my folder and I installed to C:\SmartFTP\
Again, the application would not run and no error messages were offered.
Thanks for any help.

I was installing a trial version of the new Delphi suite which requires .NET
The CAB file downloaded with no errors, but Delphi failed to install because
it said the CAB was corrupted. I haven't had time to deal with this issue because
I need to update one of my charity web sites.

Hello ..

Please try to install the latest version from:

If this doesn't help manually delete the registry key at: