stuck with the install>upgrade on win XP

I've been using Smart FTP (free version 2.5.1005.27) for about 5 months and love it.

Recently when I try to open it says the version I have is about to expire and offers the option to either to click to buy a license or upgrade to the latest build to remove this notice. There are 2 buttons but neither link works, it simply doesnt open anything or take me to an IE window (nothing happens).

So I went to your site and downloaded the 2.5.1008.6 version in save mode. and it goes through the motions but it will not install - when I attempt to run the program, I get the same message as above.

I went back to download it in run mode and it allowed me to run from a temp file about 4 times, as long as I repeated the operation each and every time... but tonite it acts like it is downloading, but it wont open, and once again I get the same message as before with buttons that dont work saying I have a version about to expire. I have repeated this operation at least 10-12 times. I dont want to loose the passwords stored in there, please help! thanks, ambrosiadesign