Problems with SMFTP

First this problem occured: ... 13526.html
Then I reinstalled this version: ... tag=button.
Now allways I started SmartFTP a window appeared were I should choose the .msi

Now I reinstalled this version:

And thank god it started properly. But now other problems appeared.

Nearly all the time i open "My Computer" or "Arbeitsplatz" in German, it takes approximately 5 seconds to display all my drives.

If I open SmartFTP a notification bubble appears which belongs to ZoneAlarm. But i cant klick or open it. It disappears after a while by itself.

Different applications are shown as "Unknown Applikation" by "ISS BlackIce - Application Protection".

Does this problems occur because of the Beta-Version ?

Help me pls

The problems are caused by your 3rd party applications. Add SmartFTP to the exceptions in Zonealarm and in ISS BlackIce (check [x] Don't ask again checkbox and click Continue).

Also make sure that you have the latest version of SmartFTP installed 2.5.1008.9


Wow, ultra fast reply. Thx.

My installed version was(if i can believe the info in the software window): 2.5.1008.8
I deinstalled this displayed version, rebooted und installed ur linked file. Now it seems everything works fine again. No ZoneAlarm popup, no BlackIce warnings and the "Arbeitsplatz" is fast again.

Now there are 2 entries of SmartFTP in the software-list but i believe this is correct.

Thanks for the fast and helpful help.