2 Questions

1. I have a folder called 'Pictures' on my server that it won't let me delete. I right-clicked it, and I changed the permissions so I could do anything to it. It still won't let me delete it. It says you have no permission. I applied the permissions to all sub-folders too so I don't understand. I also tried setting the permissions for an individual picture, and it wouldn't let me delete it.

2. Is it possible to have the server ignore the same folders and only upload the new ones? For example, if I upload 20 folders, and then I add another 50 folders to my local browser ... and then I select all 70 folders and upload, can the server just ignore the duplicate folders so it doesn't waste time re-uploading them?

It's server issue, you must ask your hosting to change the permisions of that file, or if you have CPANEL or ssh access to change it.