Installation problem

I've just downloaded and installed SmartFTP v2.5.

However, when I start SmartFTP I still get a message saying that "This SmartFTP build is about to expire". When I click on OK the SmartFTP expiration window disappears but SmartFTP doesn't start.

If I keep trying to start SmartFTP I eventually get the licence reminder, but this says that SmartFTP has been installed for 186 days. I've only just installed v2.5 today, so what's happening?

When I (eventually) get SmartFTP to start, clicking on Help --> About confirms that I'm running v2.5.1005.

Help, please! What's happening and how can I fix it so that I can get reliable access to SmartFTP?


Hello ..

For some reason the new installation did not install correctly on your computer. Try to install it from: