Connection refused

posting here as ut seems to be a place where polite idiot newcomers are treated with patience.

I am the most complete network novice you could meet.

When we got broadband I figured it was easier to drill a hole through the floorboard and ceiling, (neatly hidden behind the curtain) and hard wire both pcs into the basic trendnet router/modem than fail to set up a wireless connection.

That has worked fine unitl i bought myself a media streamer,a Dvico TViX M5100SH.

This fine box of tricks has hdmi out, (Along with composite and component video) and lan, and usb in. It is also a usb host, so it will play media from usb flash memory and usb external hard drives.

Plugged it into the modem router and no sign of it My Network Places on my XP Pro pc.

Its there alright as I can 'see' it on the m/r's list of attached pc's in the admin screen.
It has an IP address
I can enter its MAC Address, but the 'network' (whatever XP Pro sets up by default) cannot see it.

The plan is to use the TViX's internal sata hard drive as a digital jukebox for our dvd collection, music, podcasts, photos, home videos, attached to the main tv in the living room.

Thats what the HomePlugs are for, lan over power cable, but seems a way off at the moment.

The device comes with a little nfs file sharer, as opposed to samba. (Do not assume I understand those terms).

By naming a folder, not on the root of a drive on my main pc with a default, the Net Share can see any files in the folder and copy them to the TVix'x hard drive.

Why are you here then you got it to work!

77 minutes for 6Gb does not seem like a network to me.

So some dvd's, photos etc have been copied over by usb, the device shows up as a mass storage device in W XP Pro when connected by usb, at a much faster rate (6+Gb in 12 minutes).

Lurking on the big boys forum, I see hairy chested System Administrators swapping storeis of 20Nb/s streaming off video from pc (hard drive) through TViX to tv screen.

Now thats what I thought I paid for.

paying attention I see these guys are using the Altruistic Smartftp.

Well I can download that and enter an IP address.

I'm certain it will do more for me in the future as well.

So how do I get around a
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
[21:39:21] Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...
[21:39:21] Client closed the connection.
[21:39:21] Active Help:

Smartftp is allowed to do anything it likes in ZoneAlarm.

The Dvico supplied netshare is shut down.

Ftp Server is successfully restarted in the TViX.

Thanks if your still here.

Any suggestions?

Well in case any one out there read the above and found it of more than minimal interest,

SmartFtp has done the trick.

On your main pc right click on a drive (or folder or file) under
Sharing & Security
Share this folder on the network
YOU MUST for the DVICO TViX M5100Sh give this chosen disc/folder/file the
Share name

Then and only then will it be 'seen' by the media streamer and play whatever media the target contains.

Not having a spare tv in the office the 5100sh is connected to a 1.8 inch oled mp4 player so I did have trouble seeing the four options for hard disc selection.

My 'K' disc is the third down and I have just seen some of pictures of our recent successful sweet chestnut gathering.
Mmany thanks for the guys who provide this site.

The layout is particularly soothing, and conducive to clear thought.

Well after 9 days ownership and far too many hours the thing is now working.

I will be recommending this on the other forums that have so far failed to help me.

Many thanks MB

Well that didn't last long.

Never been able to get the connection again.

Like a character in 'Awakenings' I have been given a glimpse of what life can, and cannot get back there.