filename's files with accent, re transfered forever


I set up a folder with Enabe Recurrence. So every hour Smartftp watch this folder to transfer new files.
My issue is that when the filename contains some accents like "é" or "à", then Smartftp will transfer anyway (even if the file exists).
for filename without accent, it s alright.

btw, smartftp is not able to tell me the total Size of the file to transfer neither the Time left of the download... it shows ??:??:??

Please post a log of the queue item.


It the same for me. Trying to donwload a huge folder of images, many of them use accented letters as "á é ü ñ".
The file log shows me:
[11:06:33] Operation Begin
[11:06:33] MLST amañu.jpg
[11:06:33] 550 Can't check for file existence
[11:06:33] PASV
[11:06:33] 227 Entering Passive Mode (72,249,31,158,75,183)
[11:06:33] Opening data connection to Port: 19383
[11:06:33] RETR amañu.jpg
[11:06:34] 550 Can't open amañu.jpg: No such file or directory
[11:06:34] MLST amañu.jpg
[11:06:34] 550 Can't check for file existence
[11:06:34] Transfer failed.
[11:06:34] Operation End
I tried and I could open the file in a browser window and download it from there but, imagine, I can do that with 1000s of images.
Any idea of how to fix it?

Your server does not support UTF8. You have to manually set the correct codepage in the favorite properties. FTP->Transfer dialog.

Thanks, I selected UTF-8 manually and it's finally donwloading all files!  :)

Hm. UTF8 is the default. Can you post the log from the remote browser?