Enter Login Information?

I have used SmartFTP for years on Windows XP based systems to manage three non-profit websites. All of those years I have had no problem logging in ..... until now. I recently purchased a laptop with Windows VISTA loaded. I installed SmartFTP and attempted to log in. This time after entering the URL for the 'ftp' server, login, & password I was surprised to see yet another pop-up dialog box with a header "Enter Login Information" and once again asking for username & password. I cannot get past this dialog. I don't know what it is asking for? What is different with VISTA that is generating this box?

I simply typed in the same thing as the login info from before and it worked for me.

I'm having the same problems too, I fill in all of the details as I would normally, it then comes up with a login box and even if you fill that in, all of the fields blank themselves, including the URL.

I'm sure I used a slightly older version of SmartFTP fine on Vista before re-imaged my Hard Drive....


Enter the username/password into the login dialog. Press OK.

In the Update combobox select "Favorite".


I did all of that and it still doesn't work for me mb

I am experiencing this problem too after downloading current version where to get an old one?

Seems to be a bug in Build 1008... 1007 and 1006 workin' fine...

Bug confirmed. Fix is on the way...

Thank you SOOO.... much! The fix worked perfectly! I really appreciate your responsiveness to this issue.