Error Message When Installing SmartFTP

I had the free version of smartFTP install and it work fine.

Then I tried to install the new release and received the following error message:

["The installed product does not match the installation sources. Until a matching source is provided
or the installed product and source are syschronized, this actio cannot be performed.

When I try to install in the same location as the previouse product, I get the
following message:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Russell\Desktop\SmartFTP Client Setup Files\SmartFTP.msi
is not a valid installation package foe the product "SmartFTP Client"
Try to find the installation package "SmartFTP.msi" in a folder from which you can install
SmartFTP Client]

Even when I try to use the older version I now get that message.

Any help is appreciated.



1. Uninstall currently installed version
2. Install newest version