Same file downloaded simultaneously


i set up a folder to be downloaded every 10 minutes.
I open 2 connections (workers = 2).
So it starts to download the file A, and the File B, file C etc...(file are queued from the same folder...)

After a while, the queue autoupdate because I set it up to do so every 10 minutes. And so the queue has the same file twice, and it start to download it again, while this file is currently already in a download process.

How could I avoid this issue, since it seems to be overwritten, and it consumes the bandwidth uselessly?

Is there a way to tell smartftp to not start the same upload/download if it is currently in process?


Hello ...

There is no way you can specify a setting which says that SmartFTP should wait until all items are processed. Right now increasing the recurrent time would be the best solution.