Can smartftp be setup as a service?

I have been testing smartftp for about 3 weks now and I am very hapy with its performance.

We will be buying a number of copies to put on our exec laptops to manage file updates.

Primarily I started out looking for an application that allows me to setup the data files on remote PCs (working as small servers) and then have trickle updates. Smartftp does this job perfectly except for a minor hitch.

My test PC is currently being used for a remote setup of some cisco gear as well and the remote person logged of instead of killing the vnc session and of course killed my smartftp process. For some strange reason it also destroyed my configuration file.

What I would like to do is have samartftp run as a service so it restarts automatically after a power failure and is not affected by user activity.

Any hints or ideas on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Ian Morehouse

Hello Ian ...

You can use the Windows Scheduler (In Vista: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler). Create a new task and specify SmartFTP as the executable. Set the task to run when the system starts. You can run the task under a special user account. This way the SmartFTP gui will only be displayed if you log in as the special account.

Alternatively you can also use Firedaemon ( If you are looking for the free Lite version: ... 1087301481

I hope this helps.

Were you able to setup the tasks as I suggested?