Setting the Preference for 'File Editor'

Hello -

SmartFTP has *always* worked with the excellent 'Arachnophilia' text/html editor; with my latest mandatory update however, it won't seem to recognize the Arachnophilia executable any longer ... if I right-click an FTP file and choose 'View', it will use Arachnophilia, but if I choose 'Edit' (which is what I usually use it for) it insists on using Notepad (ugh).

Am I doing something wrong, or is Arachnophilia somehow no longer an acceptable editor to use?


Hello ..

Two choices:
1. Install the latest version from:

2. Go to menu: Tools->Settings "Remote Edit" and configure the remote editors.


Fantastic MB, thank you much ... I merely had to change the 'By default use' option on the Tools->Settings "Remote Edit" page from "Windows Default Association" to "File Viewer configured in General page" so it would use the editor I had set in General.

All is well again in my small world. Thanks for the quick reply.