Uploading problems


I went to put some new stuff on my site this morning, and when I opened Smartftp up it said I needed to download it again, for a update I suppose for it to work, so I did that.

I went back to it, and everything works exactly as it always has except when I right click on a folder, and click edit, it used to bring up the folder I clicked on in Notepad, with the other little window thats says "upload" on it.

Now when I do that, it only brings the upload window up, Notepad wont pop up at all.
I can press "view" and still see the contents of my individual files, but I cant upload anything.

So my question is...why isnt Notepad popping up anymore? What can I do to fix it?

Thanks so much in advance!!!!

Hello ..

Go to menu: Tools->Settings and configure the editors in the General->Remote Edit dialog.


Thank you so much! I'm obviously rather new to this ftp stuff!

Thanks so much!!!