uploads not working

I've uploaded my website and all the PDF files I need. www.oakpointe.us
Everything that is online looks good EXCEPT one of the pages is missing: DOCUMENTS
and the links to the PDF files don't work on the NEWLSTTER page and obviously not on the DOCUMENTS page either.
I've deleted and re-uploaded all these files several times and still nothing. What am I missing?
At this point, when I move the pdf's from local to Temp Q to the remote file (OAKPOINTE.US), they no longer appear in the Transfer Q???????????
Whatsup with this?

Well, After another 6 hours of hit-and-miss (because there are no detailed directions to anything), I've got everything working in the preview browser of WYSIWYG. But now SmartFTP won't upload my webpages. I've followed all the directions every which way to sunday and nothing except the home page (index) is on the internet. Any other ideas? Looks like it's no sleep again tonight.