Stoopid question, probably...

Well, first, I love SmartFTP, and I think it's the best client ever, free or otherwise. Thanks, Mat.

Now, here's that question I referred to: If you exit SmartFTP while connected to a server, does SmartFTP automatically disconnect you? Or does it just close the ports it was using? (Maybe that's the same thing?) Or should you always use the Disconnect command before exiting?

Cheers, Ander

Hello ..

SmartFTP closes the sockets but it doesn't send a QUIT command when you exit SmartFTP.
When you manually Disconnect a QUIT command is sent. The QUIT command should not be necessary because the server "should" receive the socket close message.


Thanks for the reply, Mat.

I just emailed you (I think!) a post that I would've liked to include in your "Is SmartFTP easy?" topic, had it not been locked. I can't believe some people think SmartFTP is complicated, just for simple transfers. Maybe they're drinking too much coffee, or having bad hair days.

Cheers, A.