Move ftpurls/usernames/passwords to my new laptop

I have all ftpurls/usernames/passwords configured on my old pc.
Now I want to move those to my new laptop and I fear having to enter all my ftp-credentials

Is there a way to move them all?

1. Install the latest version of SmartFTP on both your old and new computer
2. Run the Backup Tool (Start -> All Programs -> SmartFTP -> Tools -> Backup Tool) on the old computer
3. Create a backup
4. Run the Backup Tool on the new computer and import the backup archive created in 3.


Thanks for advice!

I have not yet dared to follow your instructions. Im not sure if you understood that I have en earlier version of SmartFTP already installed and its cruicial that I dont overwrite any settings. Seems llike the new v3.0 is installing in the same folder as the old version. That should overwrite. I cant risk it!

Can I make a backup of the old version first somehow before following your instructions?