Please Help Me!

Hi guys,

I'm using SmartFTP and did the following:

Moved some files from my webserver root to folder called "Deleted files from root"

I wanted to make these files inaccessible to users browsing my website because I thought they were being used to spam some data into my MySQL databse.

Anyway, I decided to:

Right-click the folder "Deleted files from root"

Choose "Properties / CHMOD"

Untick all the Permissions boxes so the "Permissions" box read "0"

Tick the "Apply permission to subfolder and files"

Then clicked "OK"

Now, I fully understand this was a stupid thing to do, because the folder now has a little red cross on it when viewing it SmartFTP and I can no longer get to the files contained within. I can't reset the permissions or do anything.

The thing is, I accidentally moved a file I REALLY need into that folder and now I am desperate to get it back.

Please, please, please - is there anyone who can give me step-by-step instructions of how to recover the permissions or the files?

Thank you

Hi, you must contact your hosting and ask to reset the permisions, or maybe you have some cpanel/vhcs/other web based hosting management.