Auth SSL

Hi, I've been a pretty average user of Smart FTP for some time now, and I just came across a FTP that I can only connect through Auth SSL.. Now I know there is a SSL section of Smart FTP in the options for a ftp that you have already in. Now if I got ot the SSL section, than it displays some things, now I don't know how to make it "Auth SSL" insted of the regular default SSL... if it is even using it.. Flash FXP has a option in there site management thing where you chose from

Standard SSL
Implicit SSL
Auth SSL
Auth TLS

(Checked Box) Secure File Listing
(Checked Box) Secure File Transfers (Uploads/Download)

(UnChecked Box) SSL Site to Site Transfers (not supported by all servers)

but in Smart FTP i go to SSL an it has nothing there for Auth SSL, i do see something that says Secure File, and Secure File Transfers.. .but thats about it.. an i really really love smartftp an hate this othe program but im stuck because I have to use it b/c smartftp wont... any help?

Hello ..

Select "SSL Explicit" in the protocol of the favorite settings. SmartFTP first tries AUTH TLS. If it fails it will fall back to the deprecated AUTH SSL. An option for the AUTH xxx command is therefore unnecessary.