Auto transfer type not working

I've added several extensions that should be transferred as ASCII but SmartFTP still sends them as binary. I've added the extensions of *.php, *.cgi in both Tools | Settings and selection groups and also gone to Favorites | Edit Favorites then right click on a favorite and select Properties and set Default Transfer type to auto and ASCII file list to Use favorites settings. I've added the files I want transferred in ASCII mode to the filter. All files still transfer as ASCII. If I try and view a PHP file it is corrupted if I use Auto Transfer type ... If I select ASCII and view it, it shows fine.

I am having the same problem. We have a three user license and my colleague has just had a machine rebuild so I did a new download. This installed version 2.5 compared to 2.0 that I am running.

The first thing I noticed is that transfer settings appear to be set individually against a Favourites properties, whereas on 2.0 the ASCII file list can be set up centrally and referred to from any connection. Is this correct or am I missing the global settings?

Like jwaters, having set up the list the transfer failed to pick up the selected ASCII files, however when the transfer mode was set to ASCII (either on the favourite or on the main dropdowns) the file transferred with the correct adjustment.

We have quite a large list of ASCII file references and a number of different destination UNIX boxes. Not being able to automate the transfer selection is a problem.


Hello ..

To change the "default" favorite settings:
1. Menu: Tools->Settings
2. Go to the Favorites dialog
3. Click on the Edit Default Favorite button
4. Make sure your favorite uses the default settings

>Auto Transfer not working
If you believe there is a bug please post a proper bug report into the Bug Report forum. Thank you.