Transfer queue


SmartFTP 2.5.1006

When I drag and drop files to the transfer queue the download starts immediately. In the tutorial I have seen that a "play" button is clicked to start the transfers. How and where can I change a setting to inhibit the immediate start of the transfers ?

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I don't see the problem with pressing the Stop button? Nothing will get started after you clicked on it.


I've had the same problewm lately too. It just started with the instant uploading about 10 days ago?????

I have had the same problem; hitting stop does not stop the queue. Here's what worked for me for an auto upload:

Drag your files to the Temporary Que -NOT the Transfer Queue! Highlight the files and right click -choose Schedule (I know, I know, you haven't given them a destination yet-don't worry). Enable scheduling, pick 'yer time, enable recurrence if you like, click OK.

Now drag those babys to remote window and drop 'em where you want 'em. They'll pop over to the transfer queue but because they are already scheduled you do not have to play tag with the stop button. (Yes, the destination is picked up at the point you drag 'em to the remote window and it is retained in the files now sitting in the transfer queue.) At the appointed hour (or whatever) your files should upload and the schedule will reset to the next scheduled time.

One thing missing (for those of us who do not keep SmartFTP running all the time) is an auto start to open Smart FTP just before the scheduled transfer and transfer 'em. I've set up a Windows Scheduled Task to open the program a minute or so before the scheduled transfer. This has worked for me for well over a year.

Hope this helps!