LMP Pointer Files

There is an Affiliate standard used by several companies that can be found by going to http://www.linkshare.com/rc/Merchandise ... f_0806.pdf.

The essence of this standard is that .GZ files are suffixed with a .LMP extension and thus turned into pointers that auto-populate when you download them from the site.

Supposedly I should be able to type in GET filename.gz and that should retrieve filename.gz.lmp from the directory.

Unfortunately, I cannot get this to work and I downloaded SmartFTP thinking it would help. In SmartFTP, however, I cannot issue and GET commands - only RETR commands.

When I enter in RETR filename.gz I keep getting the following error:

SIZE filename.gz
550 filename.gz: not a plain file.

I have tried setting everything to binary all with a whole host of other options and nothing works. Dragging the files simply results in a 0 byte file with the LMP extension being placed on my computer.

Can somebody please help?!?