Really low upload speed


I being using ftp clients since years know. To be frank I like SmartFtp for its simplicity with advance options.

Till now I was only into uploading files which are 30mb each max and upload speed din't matter much.

But now my work involes uploading files withs size 1.6Gb each etc. And when I am trying to upload with smartFtp I get max speed of 30KBs.
30Kbps is really low for the connection I have.

You might argu to check servers etc ... well here are the list of things I have done.

  • Checked SmartFtp for any transfer limits and even reinstalled it
  • Disabled all fireWalls including Windows Vista
  • Tried diffrent servers U.S based but hardly gain of 10Kbps or sometimes even worst.
  • Other clients that I have tried
  • CuteFtp : Upload speed on same server same file | 150KBs-450KBs | ( sorry but I hate its interface and 2nd its not free )
  • Tried all transfer modes

Please let me know if there is somthing I can do to get it fixed.

I don't knw if there is some problem with SmartFtp, but want to know if anyone else having the same problem.

Oh thanks ....

Now the speed is much better. How can I appy this setting globally ?

I am on Vista so my global TCP connection limited ?

Plus howz is that still CuteFtp uploads faster with same buffer size ?

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Done Sorry.

BTW how can I apply this setting globally ?

Menu: Tools->Settings

Then go to the Favorites dialog. Click on Edit Default Favorite.