Problem with New SmartFTP client v. 2.5.1006.38

I downloaded the new client, version 2.5.1006.38, after being asked to do so when I launched by previous version of SmartFTP. First I tried to install it from your site. When this failed, I downloaded the SFTPMSI.exe to my computer and did the run from there. At the end of the install the client program connects and lets me upload files. But, when I try to run from the SmartFTP client desktop icon, I get the error messages below. I deleted the install program and did a fresh download and the results were the same. Can you help me?

First error Message on trying to launch SmartFTP from the desktop icon:
The installed product does not match the installation source(s). Until a matching source is provided or the installed product and source or synchronized, this action cannot be performed.

Second message:
The source installation package is out of sync with the client package. Try the insatllation again using a valid copy of the installation package SmartFTP.msi.

I searched for the SmartFTP.msi and cannot find it.

Third message:
Fatal error during installation.


Uninstall SmartFTP. Then install it again.



Thanks, it works after uninstall and re-install.