how do I publish my site?

I'm building a new website and downloaded smart ftp client. I uploaded a file to my cgi-bin folder and I got this:

[10:05:13] 337 bytes transferred. (7.00 KB/s) (47 ms)
[10:05:13] Transfer successful.
[10:05:43] NOOP
[10:05:43] 200 Zzz...
[10:06:14] NOOP
[10:06:14] 200 Zzz...
[10:06:45] NOOP
[10:06:45] 200 Zzz...
[10:07:15] TYPE I
[10:07:15] 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
[10:07:15] SIZE hcweb.xml
[10:07:15] 213 87
[10:07:15] MDTM hcweb.xml
[10:07:15] 213 20070904170513
[10:07:15] No rule matched. Default Action="Ask".

So what do I do now? I logged on to my website and still see nothing there. How can I see it online? Help please, I really need to get this website up and running ASAP.

Thanks in advance

Put CGI scripts in there, put everything else in the htdocs directory.