JS files


Made a web slideshow and see all decorative objects but can't see the actual image slideshow. The browser shows it perfectly, so I know it is an upload problem. Just wondering if JS files need to be a certain directory.......I have tried putting the file into the main directory which is /public.html but doens't work, also tried it in the mages folder, that doesn't work either. I have double checked all the folder names to make sure they match the files that the slideshow propogated.

Talking about making folders.....another thing that puzzles me. when I create folders on my server directory to match those on my pc and transfer the appropriate files, I can't get any images to show up on my website. I get either the rex or 404 message. I have to make sure the files are in the /public.html folder to work properly....trouble is its like an aladdins cave in there confusing and muddlesome.

Would appreciate any help please, thanks