Cannot download Dremweaver "notes" files

Im connectig to my website, ad copying all files to my local PC. As there are over 18,000 files I'm copying the list to the 'transfer queue' first, so that I can save the list incase of crash/disconnection, etc. Anyway, when I set this going all the files download just fine, except one type.

Te website is creatd using Dreamweaver, ad each foler contains a "_notes" folder which stores version info, etc. Inside these foldes is a file called "dwsync.xml". The issue I'm having is that SmartFTP will not download these files. What is does is ark it to bere-tried in 1minute or more. As the site has hundreds of folders, each with this file, eventually SmartFTP gets to the point where it's found enough of these files, marked them all as "Retry at", and by the time it's finished retrying them all, it's time to retry again, i.. eventually all the client dosisretry, it never progresses through the rest of the files in t queue.

Is there any way t a) download these files, make the re-try period longer, or c) mark as 'failed' rather than retry?