SmartFTP Script or Command-line version

I was drawn to SmartFTP because of the support for one-way synchronisation, automatic resume and reconnection etc.

Is there some way to get SmartFTP to run as a service (or in the background) providing the directory replication on a schedule that I have configured it to do using the GUI?

I have looked for for a Save As... to create a package or an entry on command line options in help but not found anything.


Hello Peter ...

What we have been offering for a while is the SmartFTP FTP Library:

This component offers the FTP functionality (downloadfile, uploadfile, etc) for SmartFTP. As it is the lowest layer it doesn't offer features like automatic retries or folder synchronization.

What you will be more interested in is the SDK we are working on right now. The SDK documents the internal COM interfaces of the SmartFTP client. For example it allows you to programatically create and add new items to the Transfer Queue. The SDK is in the alpha stadium but you can write fully functional code. I would like to encourage you to take a look at it:

The more feedback we will receive the bigger is our motivation to invest more time and resources into this project.


Hello ..

Please download the latest version of the SDK again. You have to call SmartFTP.exe /register if the automatic registration fails. Also you need to install the latest version of SmartFTP first:

You cannot get around to do some programming if you want to automate your tasks. If you just want to start SmartFTP to run the queued items then it's enough to add SmartFTP.exe to the Windows Scheduler.


Hello ..

Please install the latest version of the SDK:

The Register.cmd will output more information. Please post the output here.

If you have an error from the .wsf scripts please post it here as well.

You can use the Windows Scheduler and run the task under a different account. This way it will not interact with the desktop.

BTW: Do you have the 32-bit or 64-bit version of SmartFTP Client installed?

Thank you.


We also want to automate our daily transferrals.
We are using the windows scheduler to start the gui but the outcome is unpredictable.

What we’re doing now:
In windows we run a scheduled job to send the content of a specific folder to the external party.

Remarks about this are:
- There are too much loggings and it’s difficult to see which of the files are send correctly and which are not.
- Sometimes the scheduled task runs but doesn’t send anything
- Sometimes the scheduled task runs and the files are transferred correctly but there are no loggings.
- Sometimes the scheduled task runs and the files are transferred correctly and there are loggings but with a wrong timestamp.

We just want a script that sends files regularly with a logging or a notification of the number of files send .
And some support to realize this.

If we want to use the script files included in the package we get error messages in a popup like:
Error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'sfFTPub.FTPConnectionSTA'
Code: 800A01AD
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Please help me out.

Hello ..

There are no known problems with the Transfer Queue. It works as expected. If you believe there is a problem please file a bug report into the Bug Report forum.

We cannot provide technical support for the SDK. If you need technical support with scripting please purchase a license for the FTP Library.