Can I skip files which result in an error?

Hi All,

I've just started the 30day trial of SmartFTP, so far loving it much more than FileZilla but I have hit a snag.

I was re-uploading a site today over an old version, automatically overwriting, and it was pretty massive (320MB). Normally I have no problem uploading amount of this size but on the server there are a number of files which belong to the Apache user, so when smartftp tries to overwrite them it gets an error and stops the transfer.

I'm hoping that SmartFTP has a the ability to either be told to get on with the transfer, skipping the file which generated the error, or at least will move past the problem file so I can push a button and it will continue.

I really need to get this site up by Monday, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

Hello ...

You can control the file exist rules/actions in the favorite settings. ... f2565.html

To access the file exist rules locate your favorite in the Favorites window (menu: Favorites -> Edit Favorites).
Right-click on the favorite and select Properties. In the Properties dialog go to the Transfer -> File Exist dialog.

For example if you want to skip the file if it exist on the server you can add the following rule:
If the destination file exist skip it.
Instead of using the direct transfer feature I recommend to use the Transfer Queue. Please take a look at the tutorials on how to use the Transfer Queue: