Never ending/Overrun downloads?

I'm trying to to a queue transfer of 1800 files or so from a RS/6000 running AIX. I've had this trouble with previous versions, and hoped this latest version would catch... alas...

What happens is that when the file gets to the "size"...and the time remaining counter goes to 0...the download continues...for quite some time; and appears to never end; I've got 11gig to capture and these "over extended" downloads are killing me...

The file I ran into this morning was 486m and after a 1:27:00 duration, it continued fact, It continued until 586m, at which time I cancelled it. I have a screenshot, but I guess I can't post that in here. The problem appears to occur on larger files; 60m or greater...

Also...what is the critiera for resuming after a queue transfer starts? It appears that if I stop a download and wait more than a few seconds to restart, all previous data is lost and the transfer starts over.

Anyone else ran into anything like this?

Please provide more information as logs etc.

Thank you