Uploading to Root (Vista)

I have got a new computer using Vista and downloaded latest version of SmartFTP which I have previously used on XP. I have no problems except that, having uploaded files to a folder within the site, I can no longer upload to the "root" of the site (where my pages are) since SmartFTP wants to upload it into the LAST folder I used which is still hilighted in the remote section. Clicking on the root folder of the site does not help - the only solution is to close and re-open SmartFTP which then "re-sets" everything until I upload into another folder and off we go again.
Is it SmartFTP, Vista, or just ME!!

I have added (I hope!) a link to a screen dump showing that when I have previously uploaded to the images folder and then selected the htdocs folder, which is the root directory for the site, when I try to upload a page SmartFTP still wants to upload to the images folder which is still hilighted on the remote list. There doesn't seem to be any way that I can release this folder.


The link to the screenshot is broke.


Whoops - sorry about that.

Thanks for reporting and a fix would be available with the next build.

Only the displayed path is wrong the upload would be to the right directory.