Managing Smart FTP remotely

I would like to use Smart FTP to move files from a specified location on the network or on the users computer to a specified place on the network without invoking the standard user interface. For example, the user would provide the list of files or location of files to be transmitted via some user interface (such as a HTML form). These parameters would be passed to a command line where the Smart FTP, along with source and destination folders, usernames and passwords would be instantiated.

The result would be that interaction with Smart FTP would be invisible to the user. Sufficient copies of Smart FTP would be running on the LAN to accommodate data transfers from any machine to another. If the user had local data to be uploaded, it could first be transferred to the network using standard HTML upload commands.

The reason for implementing this technique is that Smart FTP easily and correctly passes all secure parameters in all modes (such as explicit SSL with authentication) while intra-machine data manipulation is very difficult via IIS and HTML forms.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.